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Trip to Golden Temple, Vellore

Hello Friends,

I recently visited the Sri Narayani Peedaam , in Malaikodi, a small village about 8 kilometers outside the town of Vellore.

We started our trip on Saturday 17th November 2007, From Bangalore at 8:30 AM in my Getz car.

Route Map :-

Hosur Road - Electronic City(NH7) - Attibele(NH7) - Hosur(NH7) - Kamandoddi(NH7) - Shoolagiri(NH7) - Melumalai(NH7) - Kurubarapalli(NH7) - Krishnagiri (NH7) - Bargur (NH46) - Vaniyambadi(NH46) - Ambur(NH46) - Pallikondaj(NH 46) - Vellore(NH46).

It took around 45 min to cross Electronic city from Basavanagudi as it was Saturday morning traffic was bit less, later we crossed the Karnataka border, then we entered the National Highway - 7 no sign of traffic ,wow super fast 4 lane roads well maintained clean roads.

National Highway - 7 Satellite photo.

In Krishnagiri we need to take deviation towards NH-46 Just fallow sign boards.

On the way u will find 3 Toll gates 1st at Krishnagiri (NH7) Toll Fee Rs 38/- 2nd at Vaniyambadi (NH46) Toll Fee Rs 53/- and 3rd Toll gate at Pallikondaj (NH 46) Toll Fee Rs 65/- . all fee is for Private Car/Van/Jeep valid for 24 Hours only. Fee differ for Buses and Taxis.

We reached Vellore around 12 Pm ,On the way we had our lunch in Hotel Baby Residency No 7, Officers line, Vellore – 632001. We reached temple around 1:30 PM.

Golden Temple is exactly 225 KM from Bangalore (Basavanagudi) its around 4 hrs drive.From Vellore District temple is exactly 8 km far.

Temple parking block open field, u can c my silver color Getz car in the center. Place is heavily crowded with buses cars and all types of taxis. From parking block temple entrance is 5 min walk.

Once we enter the temple complex u will find metal blocks each with a capacity of 60 to 80 chairs. There are around 6 to 7 blocks similar to Tirumala Tirupati Q block. Till the blocks are filled gates will not be opened. This is the one way of entering the temple other way is we can purchase a archane ticket worth of 250/- valid for 2 person, with this ticket we can directly enter the temple without standing in the Q. In the Temple entrance u will be checked twice manually and also by metal detector. Inside the temple No electronic goods {Mobiles, Handy cams, Digital Cameras} are allowed. So u need to drop all your electronic goods in the counter or in your car.

We can reach the temple only through a star-shaped pathway, laid to a distance of 1.5 km. On either side of the pathway, the messages of 'Amma' and quotes from Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Quran are displayed.

Don’t forget to carry snacks and light food items. Since its 1.5 KM long walk it will take around 2 hrs. So better carry all of them on the every corner of pathway u will find refresh point with taps and mineral water bottles are available.

You never get bored walking in the temple, green landscape, artificial water fall and fountains and lots ….wow its like entering in your dream world .. The lighting is arranged in such a way that the temple glitters even during night. With intricate carvings and sculptures, the entire structure, except the walking space, has been plated with gold. It has a rajagopuram, resembling the Tirupati temple, with 36 pillars around. Even the central chandelier is made of gold.

Sripuram temple is open from 7am - 8pm all 365 days. Long waiting periods for the darshan on weekends and holidays.

Goddess Mahalashmi main idol in the temple.

Golden Temple landscape on 100 acres of land.

Sri Narayani Amma founder of the Golden Temple.

Temple Before Gold covering

Golden Temple new photos, Vellore. { Click on the photo to view the next photo }

Flash Version of the Photos { Click on the link } :- Golden Temple Photos

Thank you very much for visiting my Blogs, – Happy Reading , Parichay BP.


ashu said...

Hey Manju,
This is very good.Keep up ur work.The description is as good as experiencing it.I ge the feeling of being on the trip.

Nithya said...

pari i think u hav plan of creating a website of ur own. Any hw its really good.

lilly said...

Hi Pari,
Nimma modala prayathna thumbha chennagi moodibandidhe.Thumbha najukagi nimma prayanadha anubhavavanna, neevu beti needidha sthaladha bhaghe hechina mahithianna thilisidiri.Nimma sthala dinda yeshtu doorakke payana, yavayava margadalli hogidri, tollgatena fee, neevu oota madidha hotelna vilasa, ellavu ok , aadre alli neevenu thindu santosha patri, food was ok na? elva? ondhu thilisilla :)(just kidding pari)
Haghe archaneghe 250Rs? abba e reethi vasooli madidre, oorigondu golden temple barodralli samshayane ella alva? :) But alli saha bahu dharmadha quotes ittu anodanna nodi, i felt happy, jathi, matha, bedha bhava elladha sthalave nandagokula alva?

Any way, ur work is awesome, i liked it.I enjoyed it. Keep it up and write some more experiences pari. :)

narayanspg said...

hi parichay,

its good to see your blogger..
nice that you visted our kolar dist. but u missed our mulbagal .. In mulbagal u can give a visit to kurudumaale,anjenaya temple and many more..
keep up your work dear.........:)

N. Ramjee said...

Hi Parishchay,
Hit your blog searching for the info on the Golden Temple at Vellore. A nice presentation. How did you add the scroll text below. Am interested in adding the same on my blog ( as well. Would be of help.l

thrishul said...

good decription yar,simple yet best tour guide available for golden temple from bangalore

Vijay said...


This is nice blog, keeep the good work.


kolla said...

Hi Manju,

Once snap shot of this description is more than enough for a person how to reach golden temple. How to plan this trip.


Mohit said...

Hi Parichay !!

Thanks a lot for this blog giving the detailed information about the Vellore temple.

vinita said...

Hi Parichay,

The explanaition is amazing.
Thanks for the information...It's really hepful for new visitors.I go to know so many things from the reading.Good work.


Rani said...

Hi Parichay,

Thank you for the clear gudiance to the golden temple. Its very informative. Good job dude

Shivanand said...

This is a good info ..... I have planned to visit temple this weekend

Thanks once again ....All the BEST

shikhar said...

cool dude it was v v nice really.......

Varun said...

your information was really helpful.



Nice description and all the necessary info provided. Thanks!!!

Janakiram said...


We started by car at 0830 hrs from old airport road, went over the flyover near Manipal Hospital and headed towards Koramangala. On second signal we turned left towards Sarjapur road. It is advisable to avoid Hosur road, Electronic city due to Metro work. After reaching Sarjapur we turned right on Attibele road. The roads are good. After reaching Attibele (NH 7) turn left on Chennai National Highway (NH 7). We reached Hosur by 0945 hrs. Had breakfast for 30 mts or so and then started towards Krishnagiri. At Krishnagiri take NH towards Chennai (NH 46). Enough boards are there to guide you. The road is beautiful. There are 3 toll gates. You will pass through Vaniyambadi and Ambur enroute.We purchased both way tickets valid for 24 hours, so that our return is also taken care of. After 3rd toll gate at Pallikonda (NH 46) set your trip meter to zero. Exactly at 2 kms there is turning to the right for Vellore Golden Temple. Before this turn you will find 2 boards indicating Sripuram Golden Temple one near the turning and the other a km behind. You need not go to Vellore unless you want to see Vellore fort or the city. The city roads are congested and better to avoid. Hence it is advisable to take right turn as indicated. This stretch is 13 kms and road is good. Enough boards to indicate Sripuram Golden Temple exist on the way. We reached the temple at 1245 hrs. There is place to park the vehicle. You have to deposit chappals, mobiles and cameras at the designated counter. Hence you can leave your mobile and camera in the vehicle itself. There Are 3 types of entries. Rs 250 ticket entry is special. You are allowed infront of the deity and Prasad is also given. You can sit down and pray in front of the deity. Rs. 100 ticket allows you little quicker and closer darshan than general and also allows you to take free Prasad. General darshan on any working day does not take more than one hour time. On holidays it will take two hours. Carry water bottle.

Janakiram said...

Water, Milk etc are available only on General Darshan route and not on ticket route. We had Lunch at the temple restaurant inside located at the entrance. The restaurant is clean and food is reasonable. After lunch we purchased tickets for entry and finished Darshan by 1545 hrs. The temple is really beautiful and worth seeing. They have made barricaded pathway around the temple and you are not allowed to go outside the designated path. Hence you can only see good lawns and gardens around the temple. This had helped temple authorities to maintain the lawn and garden and there is no littering. Only problem is you cannot leisurely sit and relax. They have made the pathway in such a way that you are not allowed to touch the gold plated temple anytime. If you want to touch and feel the gold you have to purchase Rs 250 tickets. They are only allowed inside. This is really good considering the habit of our temple to dirty everything. Still they are able to show their ugly manners by throwing coins, notes in to the water surrounding the temple. The water is there to see the temple shadow inside the water and enjoy during the evening. The worst is hundreds of visiting cards are thrown in the water by people who want to ensure Shree Laxmi should not go to wrong address especially to their neighbours. The temple is best at night. Lights are switched on at 6 PM to 8 PM. The view of temple in the surrounding water is exceptionally beautiful. However for us it was difficult to spend time from 1545 hrs to 1830 hrs to see the temple at night. If you go out the road is full of vendors and small shops and you have to again purchase ticket. Outside temple the street is dirty as usual. Hence it is advisable to start from Bangalore at 1200 after lunch so that you reach temple at 1630 hrs and have Darshan at 1730 hrs. You can wait inside and again join the General queue at 1800 hrs and see the temple at night when the gold shines. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty in the water below. Alternately you can combine other places such as Chikka Tirupati which is 13 kms from Sarjapur. You can visit Chikka Tirupati from 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs and from Sarjapur you can start to Sripuram Temple Vellore. You can also plan seeing Vellore fort instead. Yelagiri hill station also can be visited for one hour if you are youngster. For going to Yelagiri the road is near the second tollgate and you can query there. The hill has nothing except a lake and 14 hairpin bends to drive. If you want to see only golden temple, better to have early lunch and start at 1200 hrs from Bangalore, reach temple by 1630 hrs, have one Darshan in the daylight and enjoy the temple at night when it glitters and start back at 1930 hrs. Again it is better to avoid Vellore town and take the road as explained earlier. On the return journey after you travel 13 kms of interior road, you will reach Chennai – Bangalore highway and turn left for Bangalore. Just one km on the highway you will see Hotel Deepam close to Pallikonda Toll Gate. You can freshen up and have dinner. After dinner it is a good drive and you will reach by 2330 hrs home. It is advisable to take again Attibele-Sarjapur road unless you want to go towards JP nagar or Jayanagar side.

yogeesha said...

Dear pari,
Thank u very much for this useful
information about the temple and the route from bangalore.

Bhaskar D said...

MY name is BHASKAR. From Bangalore to Golden Temple How many KM Is there. Which day is special Day . What time pooj is Doing there. Pls Infrom Us .
Thanks & Recards

Parichay BP said...

Dear Bhakar, From Basvangudi Golden temple is 225 KM Exactly.... All weekends there will be special poojas going on plan some weekends try to be in the temple after 6 PM to view mind blowing lighting arrangements.

Happy Traveling ...

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Neha Baid said...

I am visiting the golden teple tomorrow. it is like a last minute if you could suggest me with a few places around the golden temple to maybe sight see and things it would be very helpful :)

Neha Baid said...

I am visiting the golden teple tomorrow. it is like a last minute if you could suggest me with a few places around the golden temple to maybe sight see and things it would be very helpful :)

indhu M said...
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Hai Baji said...
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Hai Baji said...
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